ID INFO 3000


Ideal for securing turnstiles & interior/exterior doors.
Suitable for check in & check out
MIFARE RFID reader (13.56 MHz, compatible with NFC)
4″ color LCD display
Visual user feedback via personalizable information display
Ethernet & Internal relay to control doors, turnstiles, … etc.
Integrated barcode/QR reader in wall/tablemount

The ID INFO 3000 is a modern touch terminal with backlight. It is ideal for access control to office buildings, hotels and schools. In addition, it can also be used for time recording. Identification at the terminal takes place via contactless RFID data carriers, e.g. in the form of RFID wristbands, cards or key fobs.
The information display on the 4″ color LCD display can be individually configured via web interface. If desired, a background image or logo can be integrated. In addition, personalized addresses can be set, which are displayed by means of UID user recognition. In addition to the visual display, the user also receives acoustic feedback via the integrated buzzer.

Other features include an Ethernet interface, 4 LEDs for the side backlight and an output relay for controlling doors, turnstiles, etc.

The ID INFO 3000 terminal enables effective access control and time tracking in companies and institutions. With the help of contactless RFID data carriers such as wristbands, cards or key fobs, access to premises can be controlled and employees working hours recorded.

The terminal is easy to use and offers fast data processing. It is therefore a reliable tool for the security of premises and the optimization of work processes.
Rated voltage9…23 VDc
Current consumptionmax. 340 mA
CPUale i.MX6 Family, based on ARM Cortex-A9
processors: iMX6ULL up to 528 MHz clock
Ram56 MB DDR3L onboard
Flash memory8GB eMMC soldered on board,
expandable with internal Micro SD
Display/resolutionTFT 4″ color LCD display / 720×720 pixels
NetworksEthernet interface 10/10
  • TTL serial + power supply for connection of external devices
  • 2x USB 2.0 + 223 TTL from Desbug
Input / Output
  • 1 Digital input optosiolate
  • 1 Output (Relay NC NO C)
LED signals4 LEDs for side backlight,
separately controlled LEDs on RFID antennas
Dimensions149x 129x39mm (or 149x 120x94mm with base)
Material / WeightPVC / 225g (or 300g with base)

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