Access Control

An access control system allows the automatic monitoring of specific entry areas of a site, building, or technical facility. An access control point can be a door, a turnstile, a parking entrance, an elevator, or another physical barrier.

The access of authorized persons is controlled using RFID technology. Learn more about the innovative system for access control and get to know our articles.

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How RFID Works in Access Control

An RFID access control reader typically does not make the access decision itself. It sends a card number to an access control panel, which cross-checks the number or data against an access control list. In most cases, only entry is monitored. If exit control is also required, a second reader is used on the opposite side of the door. If the sent data matches the data available on the access control list, access to the company/organization is granted.

Applications of RFID in Access Control

The typical RFID tag is a contactless chip card, a key fob, a wristband, or a smartphone sticker. An RFID-based access control system is typically used for monitoring in businesses, parking lots, access to gyms or swimming pools, events, libraries, or as door keys for hotel rooms.

Advantages of RFID Technology for Access Control

In the utilized RFID technology, data security is very high. The possibility of copying access permissions is significantly reduced, guaranteeing that only authorized individuals have access to the given premises. Additionally, it aids a company or organization in assigning specific roles to certain individuals. This makes it easier to prevent data breaches, as employees are accountable for every action they take within the company. Encrypted or proprietary communication protocols can also be used for increased security, further enhancing data protection.

Furthermore, access control cards are durable. They withstand harsh environments, making them more cost-effective than other alternatives such as barcodes. We offer a comprehensive range of products for access control for various applications.

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