ID LOCK 3000


Built-in LED occupancy displays
Solid steel body and latch
Incl. 3 Mastercards (for opening all lockers, e.g. in case of loss)
Integrated RTC (Real-Time Clock)
HF version (MIFARE® CLASSIC or MIFARE® DESFire, 13.56 MHz) and LF version (Hitag S2048, 125 kHz) available
2 modes: Free-Locker/ Multi-User Mode and Private Locker Mode

The ID LOCK 3000 electronic lock and knob are fastened using an Allen key, providing a very robust and stable construction. The locker lock can be manually opened using the knob. With a battery life of over 30,000 opening/closing cycles, the locker lock lasts twice as long as most other locker locks.

Various programming options are available for the ID LOCK 3000. Regularly, the ID LOCK 3000 is delivered as a multiuser with busy identification version also known as Free Locker Mode, i.e. any compatible transponder can be used for closing and opening without programming. The user thus has a free choice of locker. With each closing process, information is written to the transponder. Thus, only one locker lock can be occupied at a time. The LED ring integrated in the knob permanently indicates the locking status.

The ID LOCK 3000 electronic lock, available for MIFARE® and Hitag S2048, can be retrofitted into doors with thicknesses ranging from 16-22 mm and can be used with existing card systems. They are perfect for indoor use and can be installed in both wooden and metal doors.

Thanks to the integrated RTC (RealTimeClock), the locker lock can also be programmed to automatically open at a specific time.

When a locker is locked with a card or a wristband, the locker number is written to the transponder during the locking process. If the locker number is ever forgotten, it can be displayed on a terminal. Additionally, the battery level is also written to the transponder with each locking operation.

2 Modes: Free Locker/Multi-User Mode: Freedom to choose any locker, ideal for universities, schools, and cafeterias | Private Locker Mode: Only pre-programmed transponders can be used, ideal for office complexes or healthcare facilities.

The ID LOCK 3000 electronic lock offers a reliable and secure locking solution for valuables and personal items. The robust design is screwed in place by Allen key and is easy to operate by manually turning the knob. Ideal for healthcareoffice buildingsschools and hotels.

The ID LOCK 3000 electronic lock is an ideal locking solution for secure storage of valuables and personal items.

DimensionsCorpus: 98 x 66 mm
Knob: Ø 39 mm / depth: 19,74 mm
MaterialKnob: Plastic and Zamak
Housing: Zamak
Battery type4 x AA
Closing cycles per batteryapprox. 30,000 closing cycles
Current consumption<180 mA
Lock mountingMetal: M19 nut
Wood: Euro screws
Door thicknessMetal: 1,5 mm
Wood: 16 / 19 / 21 mm
Operating temperature-5°C up to +40°C
  • Private mode: Lock can be opened and closed only with previously authorized transponders (up to 40 pcs.)
  • Multi User: Members can choose their locker lock with each visit. Only the volume that has locked can open again
  • Integrated RTC (Real-Time Clock): Locker lock opens automatically at a defined time
  • Hitag S (LF, 125 kHz)
  • MIFARE® Classic (HF, 13,56 MHz)
  • MIFARE® DESFire (HF, 13,56 MHz)
Scope of delivery
  • 1x lock body
  • 1x knob
  • 1x Closing part
  • 1x M19 nut
  • 1x Adhesive pad
  • 1x spacer short
  • 1x spacer long
  • 4x Euro screws
  • 2x 3V lithium battery
Optional additional products
  • Transponder release box: for removing a busy identifier on a MIFARE medium (e.g. card, wristband or keyfob), e.g. if a member has accidentally relocked the compartment
  • Check-In-Box
  • Initialization box
  • Locking plate
  • Function card set
  • Mastercard

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