ID LOCK 5000


Flexible locking options (1,2 or 3-point locking)
2 installation variants (Retro-Fit + Flush-Fit)
Pin code lock with master code
Battery drawer can be replaced from the outside
Different transoms for every installation situation
Private mode or free choice of spindle
Suitable for door thicknesses from 1-22mm

The ID LOCK 5000 is an electronic locking system with a convenient combination lock code for the uncomplicated locking of cabinets and safe deposit boxes. Because it is important to us that your sensitive data and valuables are safe from unauthorized third parties. Thanks to its unobtrusive design and robust feel, the lock can be easily installed in various materials. Thus, the ID LOCK 5000 can be installed in wooden cabinet doors as well as in steel furniture. Thanks to its ergonomic and high-quality design, it is not for nothing that it is one of the most practical locking systems on the market.

Multi-user mode

This mode is particularly suitable for constantly changing users who use the locker only temporarily or once. The pin code is therefore only valid for a single locking process and is automatically deleted by the locker when it is opened. This makes the multiuser mode ideal for swimming pool and spa visitors.

Private mode (preset)

In this mode, the lock is permanently assigned to a single user. This user is now permanently authorized to operate the lock.

Battery warning

By lighting up a red LED signal light during pin entry, the device indicates the falling battery voltage. It is recommended to change the battery as soon as the lock shows a low level. If the battery level reaches the critical range, the ID LOCK 5000 cannot be operated.

Lock mode

If the code is entered incorrectly for the fourth time in a row, the lock is automatically locked for 1 minute. During this time, any attempted pin entry will be rejected by the lock.

The PIN CODE ID LOCK 5000 electronic lock is an electronic locking system with numerical code for various applications. Whether in healthcareoffice buildingsschools or hotels, the system offers secure storage of sensitive data and valuables.

With its unobtrusive design and robust feel, the lock can be easily incorporated into a variety of materials. The PIN CODE ID LOCK 5000 electronic lock is an ideal and practical locking solution for anyone who needs secure storage.

Dimensions50 mm diameter
Installation dimensions16 mm × 19 mm
Closing cycles3.000
Bolt typeB
BatteryVARTA 1/2 AA (2×)
Lock mountingM19 nut (1×)
Dynamic current<120 mA
MaterialHousing: Plastic
Bolt: Steel
Closing directionLeft (90°)
ModePrivate mode,
Multiuser mode
Max. Door thickness22 mm
Pin (default)1234
Mastercode (default)4321
No. PINsmax. 1
No. Mastercodesmax. 1
PIN/ Master code length4 to 15 digits
Default settings
ModePrivate mode

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