Batteryless Technology
Fully Recyclable
Multi-Technology Capability
Supports Mifare Classic, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare DESFire, NFC
Maximum Security: Encrypted data transmission
User-Friendly Management
Comprehensive Facility Management

The OTS is the market's first batteryless electronic lock, offering a revolutionary solution for businesses aiming to make their operations more sustainable. Whether for office spaces or fitness centers, this RFID electronic lock sets new standards in environmental friendliness and security.

With the OTS, the need for cables, batteries, and maintenance is eliminated, leading to a significant reduction in operating costs and environmental impact. As a fully recyclable solution manufactured with 56% less plastic compared to conventional locks, the OTS actively contributes to a healthier planet. Its eco-design makes it the ideal choice for any company that values sustainability and environmental protection.

Besides its green profile, the OTS20 also impresses with its multi-technology capability, enabling the simultaneous operation of Mifare Classic, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare DESFire, and NFC without the need for a firmware update. This flexibility ensures broad compatibility and facilitates integration into existing systems.

In terms of security, the OTS sets new standards as well. Thanks to encrypted data transmission, it provides maximum protection for your business. Furthermore, its unlimited autonomy and maintenance-free operation guarantee hassle-free use.

For efficient management, the OTS enables easy configuration and assignment of access permissions through user-friendly software. Monitoring the lock status and tracking usage is simplified by data transfer functions, supporting comprehensive facility management.

Invest in the OTS for a future-proof, sustainable, and secure locking solution that not only makes your operation more efficient but also maximizes your contribution to environmental protection.

Authentication modeRFID
Supported technologiesMIFARE® (DESFire EV1 & EV2, Ultralight, Ultralight C,
Classic1K/4K 4B und 7B UID – ISO/IEC 14443)
ReadingUID / Sector / Application / File / Page
SchliessmedienRFID cards, wristbands, FOBs, Technogym key, Stickers &
Reading rangeUp to 2 cm (pressing the knob)
Free modeUp to 3 locks simultaneously with just one wearable
Multifunction modeUp to 3 free and 3 dedicated locks simultaneously with
just one wearable
Lock statusndication of locked and unlocked position
Communication standardNFC
Encryption modeAES 256
Reading field rangeUp to 2 cm (pressing the knob)
No battery requiredGenerates its own energy when using the lock
EnviromentEco-friendly as batteries are not required
Dimensions108 mm x 65 mm x 35 mm
Weight223 gr
HousingBlack PANTONE 426 C
Closing resistanceDIN 4547-2 Class C
Cycles60.000 cycles
Storage temperature-15ºC to 60ºC
Function temperature0ºC to 42ºC (interiors)
HumidityUNE-EN ISO 16750-4 / UNE-EN 60068-2-38
RH 96%

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