LF Embedded Module – M890


125 or 134.2 kHz
EM4200 | EM4550 | Hitag
Reading Range: Up to 10 cm
3.3 ~ 5 Vdc
External Antenna
Radio Specifications
Operating Frequency840…960 MHz, Configurations for
USA: 902…928 MHz (FCC),
EU: 865…868 MHz (ETSI)
RFID ICImpinj E310 / E510 / E710
RF TX Power+5…30 dBm, adjustable in steps of 1 dB
RF Sensitivity-73 dBm
Reading RangeUp to 9 meters*
RF Impedance50 Ω
Electrical Specifications
Power Supply3.6…5 Vdc
Power Consumption850 mA @ +30 dBm TX Power
50 mA Standby
50 µA Power Down Mode
ConnectorsSolder Joints
Communication InterfaceUART TTL port
Baudrate9600…921600 bit/s, 115200 bits/s factory default
  • 2 Inputs TTL Levels: Logic low: < 0.8 V, minimum 0V Logic high: > 2 V, maximum 3.3 V
  • 2 Outputs TTL Levels: Logic low: maximum 0.4 V Logic high: minimum 2.9V, maximum 3.3
  • IO: The maximum output current of the port is 5mA
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions28 × 28 × 4 mm
Weight10 g
MaterialPCB: FR4
Shielding frame: nickel-nickel copper
Shield cover: stainless steel
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature-20 °C … +55 °C
Storage Temperature-40 °C … +85 °C
Humidityup to 95 %, non-condensing
Supported Standards / Tags
ISO StandardISO 168000-63 (EPC Class 1 Gen 2)
Read Rate350 – 1000 tags/s
Tag Cache≥ 1000 Tags @ 12 Bytes EPC size
SDK Information
Supported OSWindows, Linux, Android
Supported LanguagesC, C#/.NET, Java
Demo SoftwareWindows

Other functions and details to be continued and upgraded.

The RFID LF Embedded Module – M890 series is a module series for short range applications. Thanks to its tiny size and single-face laying components layout, it allows for embedding in various applications and devices. Especially for access control or asset tracking solutions, is this LF module applicable.

RFID LF Embedded Module – M890 series is available in 125 kHz or 134.2 kHz RFID LF Frequency range. They also support read-only EM4100, EM4200 and TK4100. The module supports all functions of the Hitag family. It achieves reading ranges of up to 10 cm (depending on type of transponder).

The RFID LF Embedded Module – M890 series features one external antenna port. We offer a wide selection of RFID antennas suitable for any purpose.

The Module M890 is available with TTL, USB VCP or RS232 interface. In low power mode, the M890 modules consumes less than 1 mA.

iDTRONIC’s hardware comes with a useful SDK for the development of controller, Linux or Windows based applications. Beside the documentation, command protocols and source codes, the SDK includes a Windows based demo application with full functionality over all supported HF RFID standards.

Application areas
  • Asset Tracking
  • Access Control
  • Electronic Locks
  • PC Log On

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